Thursday, March 3, 2011

"In Pavlov We Trust"

One new year, two new presidents and a HUGE range of social events, information sessions and good old support! But first, the story so far...

...The year was 2009, I began psychology inundated with preconceptions about clinical psychology – being a first year, and a naive one at that, I didn’t realise the full extent of where my degree could take me. All I knew was that I wanted to do something that directly related to the brain and helping people.

Interested in clinical neuropsychology, I began looking for a club that could connect me to people with similar interests. Luckily for me, orientation week was right around the corner! As market day finally arrived, I scouted the stalls for anything that resembled psychology; the Psychology Students’ Association seemed to be just that.

After joining I realised that the club was really a non-entity. There was barely a mention of the society and nobody really knew why it was there and what it did. For whatever reason, the PSA had fallen into disrepair and was barely surviving - which is through no fault of the previous PSA committee; it’s just that the enthusiasm from students wasn’t there. The next year appeared to be a catalyst for the PSA, with Zan and the other exec. putting in much effort to return the association to its former glory!

BUT! That was then and this is now. Voted in as president, I paired up with Ben Cochrane (Co-president), Maria Lee and Jocelyn Chak (Co-Secretaries), and Richard Bunker (Treasurer) to create a new face for the PSA. After supplying psychology merchandise and re-vamping the entire image, we collaborated and reached a decision as to what we will do for 2011.

The first thing will be to hold a “Back to School” themed trivia and band night where students can interact and socialise with each other. Continuing down the same road, more social events will be held, as will information sessions (PhD Roundtables, Honours information sessions, Masters Roundtables and more), general meetings and at the end of the year a psychology ball.

We really want this to be the BEST year ever for the PSA, so if you are interested at all, please feel free to contact us either by: email or via our social networking page and we will set you up with membership, merchandise or tickets to any of our events!
Rob (co-president)


  1. Go Rob go Rob! I'm going to join the PSA this year, and it will be awesome :)


  2. Rob, you forgot to mention that Jess C is now a Co-Secretary too! : )

    James M (^_^)

  3. This was posted before she was voted in, but yes, you are correct!