Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 wrap up!

The first post of 2010 summarised the UQ Psyc Blog’s first 6 weeks. I thought I’d start this year with another summary of the past year from January 1 to December 31, 2010. Our blog certainly has grown:

Instead of our original 5 writers, we now have 17 PhD students, postdocs, and academic staff writing stories on a regular basis. We’ve had over 3000 people view our site 9300 times!

The vast majority of views come from Brisbane, but as you can see in the following map, people from all over Australia now read the UQ Psyc Blog:

Last year only a handful of other countries had read the blog, but this year, a list with countries that haven’t read the blog would be shorter than countries that have. We’ve had hundreds of views from the US, and quite a few from Canada, and check out some of these other countries (10 points if you can spot the 1 view from Estonia!):

Stef Becker’s post “Reply to the Zero Sum Game: Should PhD students tutor?” got the most views while single-post-blogger Felicity had the second most with her post Purpose of the lanyard. Maybe her popularity will help me convince her to write another post! On average, people spent the most time reading Stef’s post - (4 mins 47 seconds compared to the blog average of 1 min 30 seconds).

About 35% of people who came to our website came via one of our self-promotions on Facebook, and it was good to see that 1742 visits (19%) were from people who bookmarked our site, or new the address from memory! We also got a plug from the official School of Psychology website, which drew in almost 1500 views! And I exposed myself in a video.

Thanks to the contributors who provided the regular, interesting content. Thanks to all our readers for, well, reading. 2011 will hopefully see the continuation of regular posts about some of the behind the scenes stuff of research, and a few more posts from overseas conferences - I alone have at least two planned this year.

As always, feedback is welcome, and if you have any suggestions, comments, or want to contribute to the blog, please write to me at the email address below.