Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We're Back !!

Hello all. I’ve had this blog bookmarked for ages and after noticing it had been reduced to a barren wasteland I was finally pushed over the breaking point and actually sat down and wrote something. It was a long time coming, as this blog contributed directly to me being in the position I am now and I felt that the least I could do was contribute. UQ Psych Blog is back!!

My name is Dustin Venini and I am at the very early stages of the psychology journey after a minor detour of a decade or so away from the university life. I decided to do things a little differently when I came back to undergrad this time around. I immediately hounded anyone related to cognitive psychology I could toss an email at, with hopes of getting involved in research from the beginning. It was a tactic met with the full spectrum of responses, from enthusiasm to silence. Despite this apparently unorthodox approach, persistence paid off in the end.

For any other undergrads who may be reading this I can’t overstate the positive impact of this decision. Not only was I able to become involved, and continue to be involved, in numerous research projects, but I have also met many amazing people and listened to even more of them lead discussions on some of the most fascinating topics I’ve ever encountered.

So here’s to hoping for a little spark to bring this blog back to life. Maybe I’ll provide some insight to the world of psychology at UQ from a different perspective. Be sure to leave some feedback and hopefully we can bring some old writers back and introduce more newcomers along the way. Cheers.